Billing & Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the engineer has completed the installation, you will be given an order form for completion. You will need your IBAN and BIC numbers together with a signature. Please complete the form carefully as any errors will result in the form being rejected by your bank and may result in a temporary suspension of your service. You will also be required to pay any installation fee if applicable. This can be paid via cash, credit or debit card to the engineer on the day

All direct debits are processed for payment on the 1st of every month. You will need to ensure sufficient funds are available in your account at least one day before the due date.

If your debit is returned unpaid due to a funds issue, a charge of 9.50 Euro will be applied. Any missed debits will be collected 14 days after. Due to bank rules, only 3 missed debits are permitted in any 12 month period

If you need to change your bank account details you will need to complete a new debit mandate form. You can find this form within the download section of this website

The contract is a minimum period of 12 months. This is a legally binding contract and should you wish to cancel during the minimum period, you will be liable for the remainder of the contract plus a cancellation fee of 25 Euro

If you move house it will require a new installation charged at 80 Euro. Contact us for more details

Your ID number is often referred to your customer number or your Login ID number. It is issued via the welcome email at the time of installation and it is essential should you need to contact us.If you lost your ID number, you can retrieve it using the "forgot password" option within the customer portal. We cannot assist you without this number so please keep it in a safe place

The holiday package can be topped up by clicking the top up option under packages > wireless. It can take up to 24hrs to activate your service.

Please request an upgrade to your choosen package by sending us an email ensuring your quote your ID number.