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Internet Issues

Once installation is complete, you will be able to connect to the internet through a cable connection or via a wireless router. Please note, if you were installed before July 2017 Kerry Broadband would not have provided a WiFi router to you therefore if you have a wireless router obtained before July 2017, please refer to the place of purchase if you require wireless router/WiFi support for that device.

What is installed?

There are a number of different devices used by Kerry Broadband, depending on the technology your connection is associated with but they will all have a similar layout to the figure below.

  • The white dish above represents the device attached to the outside of your house.
  • The internal power unit is also known as the POE. This provides low voltage power to the unit installed outside.
  • The black antenna cable must connect to the POE port on the POE unit. The LAN cable then connects to your router's WAN or Internet port or PC.

I have no connection!

  • Unplug your internal power unit, wireless router or range extender from the electricity socket. Plug back in after 15 seconds and check if the lights come back on the devices
  • Check that all the cables are fully in their ports as they can sometimes become dislodged
  • Plug the LAN cable out of the port at the back of the router and plug it directly into your laptop or PC LAN port. If you can get online the fault is with your router
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi is switched on on the PC/laptop/tablet/mobile device you are using and if your router has a wifi button, ensure it is switched on
  • If after checking all the above and you still have no service, please contact us with your customer/login ID number. If you cannot provide your ID number you will experience a delay in receiving a response