Performance Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Carefully unplug the cable from the WAN/Internet port on the back of your router and connect it directly into your PC/laptop and retest the connection for about 1 hour this way. We only accept tests from and make sure you select the Tralee server. Please email or share your results with us within 24hrs of doing the tests. We do not accept speed tests results other than If there is an improvement, it is possible that your router could be giving fault or needs to be powered off/on or replaced/upgraded. If there is no improvement, you can log a support call and we will address your issue within 3 days. Please note, if running a speed test, please ensure nobody in the house is using your internet connection while the speed test is running.

Sometimes customers call us and report their connection is slow. Slow what - speed, email, streaming? What exactly. The more information you can provide us with, the faster we can resolve your issue. When did you notice the connection issue? What applications did you notice the issue on, Netflix, Youtube, RTE Player, etc? Are you using a wireless router? If so, have you tried the connection tusing a direct connection to our internal power unit(POE)? All these details will help us diagnose your issue faster.

IPTV streaming boxes is a new type of method used to access online content. Unfortunately most of the content is obtained using illegal streams and we cannot and do not support such activity. IPTV boxes or streaming boxes use quite a lot of data which may also breach our fair usage policy resulting in a restriction of your service. Please do not contact us with an IPTV or streaming box issue if you use these devices to obtain content you know you should be paying for.

Speed tests are used as a guideline only. There are many factors which may vary a speed test result. Factors such as congestion at peak times which may affect the test server and contention applied to your connection. Depending on the test server your choose, the internet traffic may be routed through many Countries before it reaches the test server even if the server is located near you.

The speeds we provide are best effort only. They are not guaranteed and may be determined by many factors such as signal, location, distance from the transmitter or exchange, congestion and contention. Speeds will drop during peak times.

Well, to put it simply, 'contention ratio' refers to how many users are sharing the data capacity on a provider's line. To put it even simpler, it's a count of how many households are using the same main broadband line as you. If your contention ratio is 20:1, for instance, that means twenty households are using one line at the same time resulting in a reduction of speeds. All internet providers use contention on their networks. The World Wide Web would not work without