WiFi Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of routers available. We do not recommend any one type however the router must be a cable router in order to work with our network. ADSL routers are NOT compatible and will not work with our system.

All routers have different setup procedures. Our LAN cable must connect to the internet or WAN port on the back of your router. You will then need to follow the setup procedure as per your router setup guide or instruction book. There are no settings required from us however we do recommend that you use Dynamic or DHCP if asked during the setup procedure

This is a common problem with large homes or homes with thick walls, it is advised to centralize the wireless router to the best of your ability but sometimes that is not enough. You can use wireless extenders/repeaters – these devices link with your main WiFi router and then send the signal further. You usually have to place them somewhere central between your router and dead zone in your house. Powerline networking – commonly called Home Plugs come in sets of two or more devices which communicate with each other through the electrical wiring in your home. You have to place one of the plugs beside your WiFi router and link it with the LAN cable. Then you can take the other Home Plug to the area where your WiFi coverage is poor. We recommend these for gaming should your game console be in a different room of your house

We recommend using a direct cable connection connecting your TV to one of the spare LAN ports on the back of your router

This is a common issue and we strongly advise against this as it will delete all the settings from your router. If you did press the reset button, you will need to go through the setup procedure as per the router manual. You can request an engineer to reconfigure your router but bthere will be a charge applicable

Most modern routers have a schedule built in whereby you can set different access times for different devices. Again, your router manual will advise how to do this.

Contact us and we can activate your child filter. It is a global filter which will restrict all devices within your house. This is a free service

Your email client will require two settings, your incoming server and your outgoing server. Your incoming settings will be supplied by your email provider. Your outgoing server settings will also be provided by your email provider however you can also use "smtp.kerrybroadband.ie" as your outgoing. No authentication is required however we will be implementing authentication shortly